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Prospero World’s Social Impact Programme is dedicated to empowering and supporting emerging leaders to incorporate social impact into their business models and communities. We provide world-class leadership training, mentoring, financial support for product development and placements driven by social and environmental concerns.

The African Social Enterprise Fund (ASEF)

The African Social Entrepreneurs Fund (ASEF), part of our Social Impact Programme, is a long-lasting philanthropic opportunity to enable outstanding African entrepreneurs to create positive social change. The ASEF supports those working in high growth potential, creative industries in Africa, to become socially minded entrepreneurs.

The ASEF was formally launched in London on 3rd December 2016, at a high profile Award Ceremony hosted by Arts Global and Sotheby’s. Prominent leaders, investors and creative industries’ influentials with a strong interest in Africa, gathered to celebrate creative African talent. Presentation of African art, live music by the London Afrobeat Collective and the fashion show were the highlights of the evening. Three ASEF Awards, in the categories of Fashion, Arts and Music, were launched on the night. The Social Impact programme will take place in 2017.

Fashion Award

The Textile and Manufacturing industry has an enormous potential and is expected to thrive in Africa in the coming decade. The fashion industry is directly related to the Textile and Manufacturing industry, which creates opportunity for Africa to have a larger presence as a global contributor to the fashion industry. Supporting and training African designers to build sustainable, social and environmentally – minded business models will enable them to display their resources and talents; attracting more business and increasing the continent’s economy, which is crucial for its prosperity.

Arts Award

The visual arts are a prism through which we can gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. The role of the artist as a powerful agent for change allows him/her to be a spokesperson for social injustice, a bridge for creating empathy or as a commentator on any given situation. The artist acts as a catalyst to effect change in our communities. The ASEF art award will be offered to an artist who wishes to bring his/her unique skills to the needs of a community. The award allows the artist to explore and develop his/her own work around the identification of a particular issue or concern to the community. Through a collaborative effort, the artist and community members can positively impact one another.

Music Award in partnership with the Roger Hammond Memorial Trust Fund (RHMTF)

The causes of poverty and environmental degradation are complex and interrelated. Different skills and perspectives are needed to understand the challenge and identify solutions. Science has a role to play but cultural transformation is more than just the application of technical knowledge and critical thinking. Choosing a new direction is an emotional as well as practical response to the world we live in. Music is a vital tool for bringing people together and helping them explore and express the common values and interests that underpin our collective future.

The Selection Process

  1. CV, Application form, project links and images, prepare a short presentation for the interview
  2. Interview day/presentations
  3. Results

The Minimum Requirements

  • African origin, experience living and working in African markets
  • Under 36 years old
  • 3 years minimum experience in African Fashion
  • Has visa and accommodation in the UK
  • Available for the leadership programme 23/07/2017-3/08/2017
  • Able to travel/get visa to Italy

The Criteria

  • Originality: does the nominee have a fresh and sustainable approach to the use of fashion as a tool for promoting positive social change? Is their idea truly transformational?
  • Determination: does the nominee have a proven track record of achieving change? Do they have an exceptional ability to solve problems? Have they demonstrated this in their personal as well as professional lives?
  • Imagination: does the nominee have the creative ability and adaptability to maintain the integrity of their vision as well as ensure its practical application?
  • Social Impact: Is the nominee’s idea likely to solve an important social problem at a widespread level? Can it be placed on a sustainable financial footing? Will it inspire others to adopt and replicate it? Is it scalable?
  • Character: does the nominee have integrity and how is this demonstrated? Their personal stories of how they came to do what they are now doing.
  • Commitment to monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

The ASEF is designed to grow and develop new Awards in the years to come. Prospero World welcomes comments, interest and partnership proposals for our Awards scheme. For further information, please contact


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